1)Question- What is the specialty of the movie ?

Answer- We have   produced a Tamil movie ‘Valiban sutrum ulagam ‘ with the intention of  imparting  some useful  knowledge  about  some health  related    problems  to those in medical profession and  common people.The concept of the movie  was  appreciated by the Doctors ,  censor board  members and commercial tax officials  who had seen the movie

2) Question- What was the motivation for this movie ?

Answer- There are a lot of  vaccines  in the market  which are  not necessary  to all  . The film was taken with the intention of  creating an awareness about  the unnecessary vaccines  to the public and  those in medical profession.

3)Question-  What are indications for Immunization ?

Answer-. The immunization is required only when the following four criteria are satisfied 

            1) When the disease  caused by   that infective agent,  if occurs may cause death or disability

            2) No treatment is available for that infective agent

            3)The  infective agent can spread easily and cause an epidemic,

            4) The  infective agent is  present in the population

Vaccines  should be administered  for  only those  infections which satisfy the above criteria

4)Question- How  the  administration of  unnecessary  vaccines will affect the family?

 Answer- As the money spent to the  immunization increases , the  amount spent for the  basic needs  like food  will decrease .this will decrease the quality of life and  predispose to many nutritional deficiency disorders

5)Question- How  the  administration of  unnecessary vaccines will affect the economy of the country?

Answer- One infection  ,say ‘B ‘is said to more prevalent in India  ,say about 30 million people  have  been infected already . Now these 30 billion people  need not get  multiple doses of the vaccine for the Infection ‘B”. We are unnecessarily  exposing the 30 billion people for the adverse effects  for that the vaccine for ‘B  may cause . Also  the amount of  money wasted  on providing  the vaccine for B is  totally waste  .(In India poverty  , is  the main cause  of  death  , .The money spent of these unnecessary things can be diverted  for  nutrition )

6)Question- According to reports  there are no adverse events reported after vaccination the last four years  in Coimbatore ?

Answer- The reporting system had  failed . Many adverse effect were not reported . Any event occurring after immunization should be reported  .But  unfortunately it is not reported  by giving lame excuses that  the vent is  not related  to immunization.

7)Question- What is the problem of  using many vaccines  ? More the vaccines  many more  diseases  can be  prevented ?

Answer– All  the  organs  had  its limitations. Taking three idlies  will be good  to the digestive system . But if  three idlies ,three poories , three dosai , three chappati  are taken  there will be indigestion and nothing will be digested . Like wise  administering number of vaccines may result in failure of immune system .  Recently we are seeing outbreaks of  diphtheria in immunized children .The number of vaccines  should be reduced  otherwise  we can see many more vaccine failures in the future .

Many new vaccines are pouring in to the market  .Also many new vaccines are  under trial and will be introduced shortly  and recommended  in the near future

8)What are the conditions  in which Immunization should be avoided  ?

.Immunization should be avoided in the following conditions

                Mere availability of vaccine should not be taken as an indication for the immunization. One should weigh the necessity and the benefits the vaccine would cause.         Immunization should be avoided in the following conditions               

1) When the consequences of the infection against which the child is immunized is not severe and will not lead to any sequlae.

                2) When the infection is not found in the geographical area, and the likely ho od of the child moving to the area where the infection is prevalent is not present.

                3) When there is an innate immunity. (For example, patients with G6PD deficiency is resistant to malaria)

                4) When the infection has already occurred, and caused an immunity ( HERD immunity )

                5) When the infection is mild and antibiotics are available.

                6) When a  natural immunity to the infection occurs in the population.

There are  lot of  conditions where  many vaccines  are contraindicated . Everyone should be aware of this . Recently in Madurai   child was vaccinated with BCG which contains live Myocobacterium tuberculosis  which can cause tuberculosis ( TB)   , The organism   had spread all over the body causing disseminated  tuberculosis  . Later the child was diagnosed to have been suffering from ‘ Severe  Combined immune deficiency ( SCID)’.Now  a  case  was filed against the  Doctor seeking compensation .

the  medical people  and  the  public  should analyze  the   pros and cons of  a vaccine   before administering them .               

9)Question- What is the solution for the problem ?.

Answer- The vaccines  should be classified  as  absolutely necessary  ,  optional vaccines  and vaccine  that are needed only in special occasions.

10)Question- What is  the message on multilevel marketing ?

Answer- Another  important  factor  to be condemned is  the  recommendation of  multilevel  marketing products  by  medical consultants  for  personal gain. Te product s are sold  at exorbitant rates . with  most of  it  given as commission for recommending their products .   The patients    buy them because it was recommended  by their  medical practioners

11)Question-  A  message was given regarding cesarean section . What is it ?

Answer- We have come across many doctors who perform cesarean section with out indication to deliver  babies  .Also many people insist to deliver  the babies by cesarean section on auspicious days .Both doctors and the patients are  to be blamed for this practice  .Many  doctors  are  delivering  all the babies  by cesarean section saying that they are   delivering the babies   2  or 3 days  before   the expected date of delivery to prevent  delivery related  complications like birth asphyxia

                 If this happens in generations   the  organs like vagina will become  vestigial and  natural  delivery cannot take place  in the   future  generation  of that family . Many hormones  and substances ate secreted during natural delivery  which  has protective effect of the child  . For example  many diseases like asthma is more common in babies  delivered by cesarean section .

12)What are the messages  you have given in the movie ?

i)Don’t  advice unnecessary vaccines

ii)Those  who are in medical profession don’t indulge in Multilevel marketing . Then you will prescribe unnecessary  products to your patients . The products are sold  at exorbitant rates . with  most of  it  given as commission for recommending their products The patients    buy them because it was recommended  by their  medical practioners .

iii)Don’t perform unnecessary cesarean section without indication  to deliver the babies . Delivering babies only by cesarean section for generations will result  in underdevelopment of  organs .

iv) Spending money for  unnecessary  vaccines  will affect  the nutrition  of the whole family and predispose to nutritional disorders . As the money spent to the  immunization increases , the  amount spent for the  basic needs  like food  will decrease .this will decrease the quality of life and  predispose to many nutritional deficiency disorders in the family .There are many mothers who starve  to spare money to  provide vaccine for her child . .Some where some one should try to  stop all these 

v) The vaccine list should be  segregated  in to  vaccines  that are definitely  needed , vaccines  that are optional . Single list  will cause confusion and panic

vi) Vaccines  should be produced and  supplied  by government and no one  should get profit .Then only  recommendation  of unnecessary vaccines  can be prevented . If  the  disease  against which a  vaccine  is  administered  is  so dangerous  to  millions of life  , then it should be provided  free of cost  to  all people who are vulnerable vii) Vaccines  need should be decided without any conflict of interest

Act of commission is worse  than  act of  omission .  

.Some where some one should try to  stop all these  . We have  taken a step   towards the objective of explaining  few facts about   vaccines  to the   medical  personnel and the public 

13)Question- What is the specialty of the movie ?

Answer- The movie  will take you to 1970s  with Hero imitating MGR , and Villians imitating Nambiar and Ashokan

– M.S.Viswanthan  , T.M.Soundrarajan, S.P.Balasubramaniam  ,P.Suseela and  Lyricist  Vali had joined hands  after about 30 years .

14)Question- What is  the specialty of the song ‘ That bhut Tanjavure  ….?

Answer- This  is the last duet song by TMS and P.Suseela .

15)Question- What is the specialty of  ‘Nan Deivathai petra pillai ’ song ?

Answer– One  song  was written with the names of titles of MGR movies  

16)Question- What is the specialty of  ‘Unnai naan santhithen’ song ?

Answer- The song was written with the  lyrics  from songs  from MGR movies

PIT FALLS  in Indian scenario

1) India does not have  transparent and technically competent  authorities  to arrive at a policy decision  concerning the use of old and new vaccines . In many cases  it is evident that  the negative factors  are not taken in to consideration while  recommending a vaccine  ,Mere availability cannot be  considered as an indication of  vaccine

2)Local epidemiology is not taken in to consideration at all .

3) Adverse  events are poorly understood , investigated and recorded

4)  There is no proper study  following vaccination  .the number of  vaccine failures  will be known only when a  breakthrough infection occurs

5)Proper documentation of vaccinations is  not  followed in many places  This results in  missed   or extra doses

6)Proper storage and administration of vaccines  is  not  satisfactory  in most places  . This  is even worse in remote and tribal areas.

7)Financial barriers to immunization –In India  where  most of the people  are below the  poverty line  , they cannot afford  thousands of rupees  to be spend for vaccines  . Hence  there  is  a disparity in  administration of vaccines between rich and poor .  Also  our  country is  not  rich enough  to  spend   millions  of rupees   to prevent  many diseases  by immunization

8) There  are no  proper studies  regarding   many aspects of vaccines .

9) Lack of vaccine against orphan diseases . these diseases that are prevalent in developing countries  and   no vaccine market  potential in the developed world .Hence  no  vaccine manufacturers are  interested in manufacturing a vaccine for these diseases

10) The media causes a widespread  panic and confusion  among the scientific community and the public by quoting  the rate of spread  and  number of deaths 

Pitfalls in immunogenicity of  a vaccine – The immunogenicity of  a vaccinewill not be the same for  all  alike .it will vary from person to person . A person  may respond well  and other may not   respond at all

Pitfalls in  Morbidity and mortality The Morbidity and mortality are always quoted  in millions  all over the world . No infection is  going to  have the same  epidemiological pattern at two places  .Then how  can you quote the same figure for all over the world. To give a  number which  will  cause  panic among the medical  people and  the public .An infection which is common in India   may not be seen in USA or England  .Also an infection whack is seen in USA   or England may not be seen in  India  .Then  how    can we have a common Morbidity and mortality applicable  to all places in the world 

Pit falls in effective communication  – effective communication should be given regarding the  benefits and risks   of the vaccination  to the   vaccines  and  the  medical people


Pit falls in immunizing the mother  to protect babies – now  a concept  has   been put forward  by  the  vaccine manufacturers  .That is  to prevent infection in the  newborn babies  the mothers can be immunized   so that the antibodies will be  transferred  to the fetus in utero giving protection to the newborn . , Shortly we can expect a immunization schedule which includes all vaccines for  pregnant mothers .There are hundreds of organisms  that can cause infection in the newborn periods , Are  we going to give vaccines against those   organisms to the  mother in the antenatal period . Suppose  an organism causes  infection in 5% of  newborn babies   for  thousand deliveries it will  be 50 cases  which can be treated  or prevented by maintaining cleanliness , But are we going to give  multiple doses for all 1000 mothers  . How many vaccines and how many doses  are to be  given to the antenatal mother  to  prevent infection in newborn   .Also the antibodies   produced in the mother can cross the placenta and damage the fetus .

Advertisements– It is true that most of the advertisements are threatening the parents rather than giving information about the vaccine to the parents. Also the advertisement should only carry the  information about the vaccine and the disease .Also some common terms are projected as vaccine for jaundice, brain fever etc. There are number of causes for jaundice .So the advertisement should use only the  term ‘ the vaccine against hepatitis B’.

Also brain fever is a term used meningitis, encephalitis. There are number of causes for brain fever . In our country tuberculosis, viral menigo-encephalitis is more common than H.influenza.  We have not come across any H influenza as a cause of meningitis in the past 25 years. Hence such advertisements should not be done and  should be discouraged ..

The   morbidity and mortality is   projected in millions  worldwide  to threaten the  people and   medical practioners . One should know  the   prevalence in the area  where he is living as the  epidemiology and pattern of  infecting agents will vary from place to place..

If it is  a real danger  the government can produce   the vaccines  and  provide  it to people  at low cost . unfortunately many  self limiting ,easily  treatable  diseases are projected  as  dangerous  diseases 

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